Murder Mystery Manhattan offers a variety of shows including spoofs on classic and modern television shows and movies, along with some just for fun shows!


Joan Clawfoot is ready for her next, big starring role, but her daughter, Christina, continues to block her spotlight.  Who called Sister Mary Fullacrap to cart Christina off, and will she be the only one who may not make it to dessert?  You’re invited to take a peek behind the scenes to find out if another Oscar is in Joan’s future, or will it be just another wire hanger for Mommie, Fearest?

(Casablanca spoof)

Who is Blanca, that fiery Latina temptress, and what is she after at your event? Most men can’t resist her, but the pale man in the trench coat knows she can’t be trusted. How far will she go to get what she wants? Will she walk out with the mysterious man she came in with, or will one of them be carried out in a body bag? This scenario is perfect for smaller groups, corporate events, and team building.

Sunsex Blvd.

Flashbulbs will pop and fur will fly when aging silent film goddess, Gloria Swansong, comes out of seclusion to film the story of her infamous life.  Gloria presents her grand comeback film by auditioning members of the audience to play a role in this upcoming epic.  Marilyn Monho, a rival starlet, shows up to steal Gloria’s spotlight – and the lead role.  Her live-in boy-toy, Beau Hunk, is chasing more than skirts, while everyone wonders if her rich fiancé, Daddy Morebucks, will last the night.  Lurking gossip columnist, Babs Bubbemeisis, is known for her poison pen, but will that be the only poison flowing tonight?

Whatever Happened to Baby June?
(Cross between ‘Baby Jane’ & ‘Gypsy’)

She used to be a dainty, dancing child movie star, but years, and the scale, haven’t been kind to Baby June.  Along the bumpy road she’s lost her tiny tap shoes, her agent -mysteriously, the letter she’s written to daddy, and her mind.  Boozer sister, Tipsy Rose Lee, tries to help, but babbling Baby June pushes her away, down a flight of stairs, and into a dark closet.  Is that Mommy Rose, back from the shadowy depths, to save the day, and all their careers?  Don’t bet on it.

Hocus Croakus
(Great for Halloween!)

The Slanderson sisters have risen from the undead and seek revenge on the families who put them in an early grave. It will be a Halloween to remember when Witchy Winifred’s Book of Spells goes missing and she’ll stop at nothing to get it back. Even her sister’s aren’t safe and you better show up in costume so she doesn’t know who you are!

(Dreamgirls Spoof)

A famous girl group is trying to make a comeback, but one of their own isn’t being asked back.  She told them “I’m not going!”, but how far will she go to make sure she stays front and center?  Her great man has always been a great agent as well, but why isn’t he sticking up for her now?   Is it because he’s been “sticking up” for her sister?  The music starts to fall flat, and so does one of their own.

Finale of the Dolls
(Valley of the Dolls spoof)

Diva, Helen Bossin, has been a leading lady on and offstage for years, but talented newcomer, Neely O’Scara, is giving her a run for her money.   Even though Helen was discovered in a backseat, she won’t end up back in it for anyone.  Helen has discovered the secret of Neely’s energy and is ready to blab to the media, if Neely doesn’t disappear. Husbands, Hollywood hunks, and lawyers can’t keep Helen quiet.  Who ends up silenced?

No Clue!

The guests have been summoned tonight by a mysterious host, Mr. Body, who is nowhere to be found. Instead, his bizarre staff members are here to greet the guests, and the mystery continues to unfold. You become one of the guests as well, as you meet Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard and maybe, someone who was not on the guest list. Who survives in this spoof of the cult film and board game? Will you figure out who it was with, perhaps, the lead pipe in the dining room, or will you have NO CLUE?


You can’t stop the beat – or the laughs – in this spoof of the classic film, “Hairspray”. All your favorite hair-hoppers are here, competing for the same crown, but only one can win. Tracey Turnedbad won’t let anyone get in her way – or do they? YOU might get the chance to audition for the new Corny Crooner Show, so bring your best talent and SHINE ON!