Check out the reviews from our fans and pictures from our latest shows!

I Loved Lucy – The Milleridge Inn
March 12, 2022

Another great night for Murder Mystery Manhattan at The Milleridge Inn with I LOVED LUCY. Thanks to Butch Yamali, Melissa, Lilliana and the terrific Milleridge staff, Amanda Baumler, my wonderful Stage Manager, my great cast and, as always, YOU, our amazing audience, for your support and laughter. The reviews are in!
Hilarious! Thank you!- Chachi G.
A new all time classic! – Christina I.
It was so good I can’t wait to go again! – Melissa F.
Loved the show! Thank you for the most fun we’ve had in 2 years. – Cyn & Pete S.
Awesome! – Andrea S.
Hysterical! – Nicole Y.
Love it! Glad you guys are back! – Denise B.
Loved it, as always. You do a great, interactive show and we can’t wait for the next one! – Mark W.
Excellent! – Chris B.
We had a great time! – Brianne C.

Vesuvio & Philomena’s Wild Wedding – The Metropolitan
March 11, 2022

All the usual fun of a Keith Dougherty Production, but hold the Murder!

“The Golden Girls Gone Wild” – Hangars Cafe
February 26, 2022

Another amazing night and a hit for MURDER MYSTERY MANHATTAN with our first show at The Hangars Cafe! It was GOLDEN! Thanks to the great staff, my terrific cast, primo stage manager, Teresa Gasparini, and our stellar audience for such a great welcome and wonderful comments!

Wonderful interaction! Wish we brought our men. Thought it would only be for ladies- Julie C. Fabulous, fun & love the talent! – Barbara K.
The best cast ever! – Patricia K.
Excellent! – Scott
This was a great show and great impressions of the Golden Girls. – Sarah M.
The show was amazing! My mother and I Ioved it! – Eileen S.
It was a blast! I will look for more to come! – Pat G.
Great acting! We had an awesome time! – Nickol O.
Fabulous!- Lisa F.
Characters were spot on! – Lorraine C.
Absolutely hysterical! – Gina C.
Great show! Our third show from you guys. Thank God things opened up. – Peter O.

“The Souprano’s Part 2: Watch the Ziti Fly!” – Milleridge Inn
February 25, 2022

“Cruisin’ with the Golden Girls” – Milleridge Inn
January 28, 2022

CRUISIN’ WITH THE GOLDEN GIRLS at the Cottage at The Milleridge Inn! Thanks Butch Yamali, Pam Arnone and her terrific staff, DJ Marty Gargiulo, Milleridge security, my great cast, Jim Pillmeier – a great SM, and always, YOU, our wonderful audience for your continued support and wonderful comments. We couldn’t do it without you!
The best I’ve seen in a long time! – Jennifer O.
Loved it! Great acting! True to the show and in character! – Tiffany D.
Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! You made 2022 a wonderful start! – Tina C.
Loved it! Wepaaaa!! – Dawn S.
Loved it! So much fun! – Nancy K.
Funny as hell! – Jenn W.
Excellent! Great job! – Amanda C.
First time and was happy to be out with friends. Thumbs up! – Rose G.
Wonderful! Really funny! – Diana V.
Thank you for a wonderful evening! – Chris J.
Show was great, food was delicious and we had the best people at our table. – Donna T.

“I LOVED LUCY” – Hidden Rose
January 15, 2022

Another great night at Hidden Rose Catering with I LOVED LUCY! Thanks again to Sabrina Marie, her great staff and YOU, our wonderful audience – for your laughter and great comments!
Hysterical! – Heidi P.
The show was amazing. You are the best ever! – Sharon T.
The cast was terrific! The food was delicious! The wait staff very attentive. – Art F.
Very entertaining and much needed laughs! Thank you to wonderfully talented actors. – Alyse S.
The show was creative and entertaining. – Rebekah B.
It was a great show! Funny as always. – Ken H.
Great show! Awesome actors and actresses. – Phyllis F.
Loved it again! – Jonathan G.
Always laughing to no end. Murder Mystery Manhattan shows are awesome. – Curtis S.
Loved it as always!- Stephanie H.