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SHOWS IN 2023!

WOLF’S MAPLE BREEZE RESORT – Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Another amazing Memorial Day Weekend at Wolffs Maple Breeze Resort with THE SOUPRANO’S – GRAVY OR SAUCE Murder Mystery. Great to see good friends and make wonderful new ones. Thanks Ellen Wolff Mansey, Mike, Lauren Mansey and the wonderful staff, my great cast and, as always, YOU, the terrific audience for you support, laughter and great comments!

Incredible! Thank you! – Liz A.

Loved the show! You are all wonderful & beautiful people. Hope to see you again. – Desiree D.

Wonderful show and actors! Lots of fun! – Vinny B.

You are all so talented and hilarious! – Kole S.

ALWAYS love your shows and the actors have wonderful character. – Anna S.

CITY WINERY – May 26, 2023

We had a blast with I LOVED LUCY at City Winery Hudson Valley last night. Thank you, Jennifer Austin, for another great night, your wonderful staff, my terrific SM, Michele Morris, my kick-ass cast, and YOU, our wonderful audience for your continued support, laughter and great comments. Hope to see you next time!

It was amazing! – Jen P.

Loved it. Great actors. Excellent story line. – Dennis C.

What an amazing cast! – Donna A.

It was hilarious. It’s always a great time when Keith Dougherty comes to the snazzy City Winery Hudson Valley in Montgomery, NY. – Brittany B.

Loved it! First time! – MaryAnne S.

Funny, engaging, awesome! – Pam D.

You guys rock! – Jackie C.

Awesome! Love the actors & costumes – well done! – Debby P.

It was wonderful! – Barb S.

You all slay it everytime! – Deborah C.

SWEET GRASS GRILL – May 24, 2023

Another great night for Murder Mystery Manhattan at Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown last night with THE GOLDEN GIRLS GONE WILD – LET THEM EAT CHEESECAKE! Thanks to owner David for welcoming us back, Jasmine for helping to make it such a success, the amazing staff, my terrific cast, and YOU, the wonderful audience for your support, laughter and rave reviews! Hope to see you next time!

It was fantastic! – Karen D.

The cast was very engaging and the storyline was great to follow – like we were on the Golden Girls set. – Kyle P.

I loved the show! The cast was wonderful & very entertaining. – Carol B.

Very fun! Spot on portrayals & loved the costumes. – Lucas H.

Loved it! Please come back again! – Heather H.

Awesome & funny! – Jacquie G.

So much fun! Would definitely do this again! – Kate M.

Excellent acting & interaction. – Laura C.

I enjoyed the show tremendously! – Liz M.

The show was highly entertaining. I would recommend! 10/10 – Chris M.

Fabulous all around! Thank you for not stealing my husband! – Ashley C.

The interaction is awesome! – Dana C.

Delightful! Made me laugh & the actors are fantastic! – Sue

DOES ELKS CLUB – May 20, 2023

What a great night! THE SOUPRANO’S – WATCH THE ZITI FLY! was a big hit at The Elks Club in New Hyde Park for the Does. Thank you, Edna Rakaska and Terry Ridgwell for all your help, the great Elks staff, my wonderful SM, Michele Morris, my terrific cast and YOU, the amazing audience for your laughter, support and wonderful comments. Hope to see you again!

Acting & script were superb! Good character development. Excellent interplay with the audience. – Katherine

Great show as always – you never disappoint! Can’t wait till the next one! – Emily Z

The show was really great! All the stars were excellent! – Richie O.

Loved it! Everyone looked & sounded great! Hysterical! Love Youse! – Lydia

The show was terrific! – Pat I.

Excellent! – Terry R.

Great show, great food! – Pat M.

Fantastic show! – Natalie M.

It was great watching my husband laugh his ass off! – Mary E.

Awesome! Very well played! – Julie A.

Bravo! – Sue E.

Hom Bayridge – May 19, 2023

Another great Golden Girl’s Drag Bingo at Hom Bayridge. Thanks to Salvatore Forte, Daymein Christopher, Lesia and crew for a great night! Thanks to my cast and wonderful audience too! Welcome, Lynwood McLeod, to the company!

Hidden Rose Catering – May 13, 2023

Another one for the books at Hidden Rose Catering with STAYIN’ ALIVE? A really great night and thanks to Sabrina Marie, her wonderful staff and chef, DJ Mike, our great SM, Jim Pillmeier, my great cast and YOU, our terrific audience for your continued support, laughter, dancing and wonderful comments! See you next time!

What an amazing show! Loved it❤️❤️❤️ everything was perfect the food, show, DJ, all the staff! Can’t wait until next one! – Kelly K.

Excellent show! – Nicole P.

It was hysterical! This group always puts on a great show! – Terri

Entire evening was great – show, food and staff! – Maryann S.

Awesome! Excellent! – Curtis S.

The show was amazing! Dancing was fun! – Renee

Very well done! – Joe

Very funny! Loved the show! – Donna K.

This is my 2nd show here and love it! Wish there were more! – Melissa

Keith and his troop NEVER disappoint! Great night out! – Cathie M.

Loved it! So funny! Everyone was fabulous! Kathy

Love all your shows! – Sally T.

Apple Station Winery – May 6, 2023

We rocked our Sunday brunch show at The Apple Station Winery with THE GOLDEN GIRLS GONE WILD – DOROTHY’S WEDDING! It was show #2 for the weekend at the winery and Kathyann Dougherty-Wintamute outdid herself again with amazing food and another beautiful, DELICIOUS wedding cake! And another great audience! Thank you all!

“Hilarious!” – Melanie

“Actors were excellent!” – Doreen M.

“The show was awesome and I would definitely come back!” – Meghan W.

“Amazing show!” – Kristie G.

“SO FUN! Awesome relief from what life has been lately.” – Cathy B.

“Love the show. I haven’t laughed this much in a very long time.” – Mary N.

“The show was wonderful! Lots of laughs!” – Laura K.

“Love the show! You guys are amazing!” – Colleen. E.

Murder Mystery Manhattan is a HIT in Florida!

Murder Mystery Manhattan are gaining major fans down in Fort Lauderdale at Empire Stage for their 3-week SOLD OUT engagement performing GOLDEN GIRLS GONE WILD! See what the audience members are saying:
“You were all incredible! My face hurts from laughing! Can’t wait for the next one!!! Thank you!!!!!” – Monica P.

“Thank you! I hit a Grand Slam. My group was so happy about the show that they were actually cheering me, repeating my name over and over. I am 65 years old and never experienced anything so wonderful. It will be a night that I will never forget. I am eternally grateful.” – Howard

A great night at The Golden Girls Gone Wild!! Amanda and Keith you were AMAZING!!! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard🤣❤️ I can’t wait till the next time!!! – Colleen P.

“I found the show to be funny and well written. A few lines from different episodes brought together a great moment of laughter. It’s a must see! We hope that the Golden Girls return every year! – Herb C.

“The Davies/Weston girlfriends had a great time! Thank you for being a friend! It was perfect!” – Sharon


City Winery – March 12, 2023

TOO MUCH FUN yesterday at City Winery Hudson Valley at Paddy O’Furniture’s Wake!
Amazing! – Cecilia S.
OMG – love love LOVED it! – Pamela D.
Always a great show! – Patty N.
Amazing laughs and jokes! – Mark P.
Awesome! – Maria H.
Extremely entertaining! – Lori A.
So well done! – Braden W.
Absolutely loved it! Near pissed me britches! – Deborah C.
Amazing as always! – Dominique
It was something different than we normally do. It was fun and the cast was great. I like that the audience could participate. – Andrew M.
Awesome! Outstanding acting. – Debby P.

Meadow Blues Coffee – March 11, 2023

We love our new venue, Meadow Blues Coffee in Chester, NY and we had a blast Saturday night with I LOVED LUCY.
The show was absolutely hysterical – well acted & very humorous. Great job by all. – Liz B.
So much fun! We laughed all night long! – Michael K.
Loved the show! – Wendy
Loved the show! Very original – Linda & Frankie
Loved it! You all were great! – Kathy B.
Lots of laughs & fun! – Susanne
Lots of fun! Great job improvising with the audience. – Sara H.
The show was so much fun! It was great the way the audience was included. JoAnn P.

Milleridge Inn – March 10, 2023

Another GREAT night for Murder Mystery Manhattan at The Milleridge Cottage with THE SOUPRANOS- GRAVY OR SAUCE?
Fantastic job! Second show in 2 months! – Angela D.
It was a wonderful and first time experience for me. I look forward to my next one! – Shadrak M.
The show was amazing! Great food and DJ. – Jonathan B.
Everyone in our 35 person party had a great time! – Joey D.
Loved the show! Second show in 2 months. Great job by all. Keep ’em coming! – Dorothy S.
Loved it! Big fan from Villa Roma! – Dee Dee M.
Great experience! – Katie L.
Hysterical! – Mike L.
I saw I Loved Lucy with you guys and I pissed myself! Hysterical. – Frank C.
Can’t wait to do it again! – Kadie S.
Amazing job! – Ty S.
Loved the show! Will definitely be back! – Kayla D.
The show was WONDERFUL! Everyone was great and so funny. Very friendly and just so much fun! – Monica W.
The show was great and loved the interaction. – Vito
Spectacular – Debra N.

Lynbrook Elks Club #1 – March 5, 2023

Another amazing night with the Elks in Lynbrook at SALVATORE & RACHEL’S WEDDING TO DIE FOR!
Loved it! Amazing talent! 10/10. – Kim M.
Hysterical! Great job by all! – Donna D.
It was the F@*%#G best show. The best show! – Nuzio
Absolutely fantastic! – Deb W.
Loved the show! We are no longer Murder Mystery virgins! Thanks for being our first! – Gina D.
The best. – Michael M.
Loved it so much, we saw it twice! – Maria S.
Fun! Good acting, projected well and interacted. – Lynn C.
We enjoyed the show immensely. The characters were funny & entertaining. – Diane P.
Excellent show! Lots of laughs! – JTB
Tons of fun! – Maria & Barbara

The Place – February 14, 2023

It WAS a great Valentine’s Day for Murder Mystery Manhattan at our new venue, The Place, in New City, celebrating THE SOUPRANO’S LAST ANNIVERSARY and V Day!
This show was amazing! – Michael Z.
Eccezionale!! – Mark
The show was hysterical! – Alina D.
Well done & cast was awesome. Thanks for the laughs. – Diane R.
The show was fantastic. – Eric P.
It was great & so funny! The perfect amount of interaction. – Amanda P.
Love the show! It was like being at my family’s Christmas party. – Donna Q.
Loved all of you. Your interaction with us was the topping on the stromboli. – Concetta
The characters were very believable. – Terry K.
Loved it!! You were all truly amazing. It felt like Sunday dinner in my house growing up. – Ally D.
We need more of this in Rockland! – Christina V.

Hidden Rose Catering – February 12, 2023

Another great night at Hidden Rose Catering in Wappingers Falls with THE SOUPRANO’S -“WATCH THE ZITI FLY!
10 out of 10! You guys are great! – Chris M.
Awesome! Always fun! – Kim P.
Loved it! Exceedingly funny! Great job! – Kate S.
The show was great, the acting was amazing. I’m very impressed. – Dakota S.
Fabulous! – Nadine
Very funny! First time of many more. – Frank M.
The show was fantastic! I loved how funny and intertive it was! – Rebecca K.
The actors were hilarious and spot on. – Michelle D.
Can’t wait for the next one and the one after that and the one after that…Guaranteed night of laughter & good times! – Kellie S.
Reminded me of my family! – Aksel D.

Milleridge Inn – February 5, 2023

How great it was to be back at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho Long Island tonight with my new show STAYIN’ ALIVE!
Fantastic! Enjoyed every moment! – Santoro
The show was wonderful! Welcome back! – Babs O.
Loved it! The costumes, the dialogue & dancing! Great! – Eileen
It was amazing! – Tammy S.
Fantastic night! – Tina M.
I loved the disco theme of this show! – Lana M.
Excellent! The acting was top notch and the music was great! – Angela R.
The ensemble was wonderful…funny, enthusiastic…believable! Great show & music! – Annette F.
A great blast from the past! Such fun! – Carol R.
Fun & interactive! Love you all! – Dorothy
Amazing job! Music was fab! – Claudia M.
Awesome show! Loved it! – Vito
You put on a great friggin’ show! – Lou F.

City Winery – January 30, 2023

WOW. Can’t say enough about the amazing afternoon we had at City Winery Hudson Valley with THE GOLDEN GIRLS GONE WILD!
OMG. LOVED the show! Amazing & hilarious! – Krissy J.
Best ever, Including Broadway! – L. Weiner
Excellent/5 Stars/Great comedy. – Pat B.
Amazing & Engaging! – Staphanie F.
Loved everyone in character and they played them perfectly. – Michele P.
All the actors nailed the likeness. – Bob O.
Loved it! Can’t wait to come to another! – Krystal C.
2nd time and we love you guys! – Jessica B.
Awesome as ever! – Debby P.
FAVORITE show – thank you for all the laughs!! Great job bringing the mannerisms of the GG to life! – Megan F.
Very fun! Great writing! – Corrine C.
Amazing! Would definitely come back! – Kristie M.
The show was amazing. I loved the cast and their humor. Their friendly demeanor and outgoing nature made the show a success. – Banala O.
This show was so awesome. I loved every bit of it. – Dyonie T.
I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. – Mara B.

Windows on the Lake – January 29, 2023

Best thing I’ve done in a long time. Thank you! – Sheri C.
Loads of fun!- Mary S.
Will be back! – Mustafa B.
You guys were amazing. Made my mom’s birthday extra special. – Dee R.
As an Italian-American it was like watching my relatives wedding! – Donna C.
Hilarious! – Mimi V.
It was my first and will not be my last! – Laura B.
Hilarious & Awesome. – Debgirl
Absolutely loved it! – Billy E.

Massapequa Elks Club – January 22, 2023

What a great night Murder Mystery Manhattan had at the elegant Elks Club in Massapequa across from the train station at THE SOUPRANO’S LAST ANNIVERSARY!
Fantastic! An absolute homerun! – Greg V.
Loved it! Very talented group! – Pat S.
Great time! Keep it going! We have fun everytime! – Yo S.
Terrific! – Holly S.
Hysterical! – Kristen F.
Always a great time with you guys! – Joe B.
Loved the show! Wonderful actors. – Dolores C.
Excellent! – Karen M.
Fun! I’m Italian and the words and expressions you used brought back a lot of memories! – Rose
You are all awesome! – Annmarie A.
We love Murder Mystery Manhattan! – Fran B.
Keith and his staff were a pleasure to work with. The laughs were never ending. We look forward to planning another event with Murder Mystery Manhattan

City Winery – December 31, 2022

We had a terrific night premiering my new show STAYIN’ ALIVE at City Winery Hudson Valley for NYE! What a blast with an amazing crowd, great food, music, and dancing!
The show was a blast! Laugh out loud comedy. A must see! – Tom P.
The show was amazing! So much fun! 10/10. – Jenny B.
OMG the show was amazing! I had such a great time! – Laura B.
Loved it! So much fun! The performers were great – Loved dancing and the meal was fantastic! – Sharon M.
Loved the show! so much fun! Everyone was fabulous. Perfect way to ring in 2023! – Sean W.
The show was fantastic! It’s the 3rd performance I’ve seen and I am looking forward to seeing many more! – Vera W.
Fabulous! You guys and girls rock. Look fo forward to other shows. – Shawn Z.
Excellent! Our third one and we had so much! – Donna A.
Amazing as always and the food was FANTASTIC! – Frank P.
Your shows are the best! – Crissa C.
Super fun! Great night out! – Ed N.
Absolutely loved the show! You guys rock! – Joey N.
Loved it! The venue, the show, the food! – Evelyn C.