The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls Gone Wild: Uncensored & Undentured
It’s Dorothy’s birthday and after Sophia hit the jackpot at the casino, she decided to throw her pussycat a surprise birthday bash.  Wanting to be sure her daughter had a date to her own party, Sophia has arranged to have a dating game here tonight.  Watch out single men in the audience because you may become one of the contestants and Blanche is on the prowl too!  Sophia also invited Dorothy’s ex-boyfriend, Phil, to the party and hilarity ensues as we find out Dorothy isn’t Phil’s only ex here tonight.  Will Phil survive the night so he can explain his womanizing ways?  If not, the ladies will need your help to solve the crime.

The Golden Girls Gone Wilder
In our second installment starring the Golden “girls”, Dorothy finally has a boyfriend…and he’s a doctor! Is Dorothy his favorite patient or has he been using his thermometer on another? Dorothy is running late, and she is in for a shocking surprise when she arrives. Will Blanche need to give mouth to mouth to yet another, or is it too late? You decide.

Cruisin’ with the Golden Girls
Since some of “the girls” haven’t had a date in a while, they let Rose book them on a single’s cruise to fill those empty slots. Big mistake! Rose booked them on the wrong cruise but they might still have a chance to have a gay old time. Dorothy, Blanche and Rose are in their cabins ready to set sail, but Sophia is nowhere to be found. Dorothy knows Sophia brought her new boyfriend on the cruise, but where are they? Join all the laughs and hijinks on the high seas with your favorite “ladies.”

TV Land Terror!

What do you get when you put Lucy, Ralph “Kramdon”, Ed “Nortin” and Flo from Mel’s Diner in the same room?  Total TV Land Terror!  They’ve all shown up to audition for the new VitaMeatyVegemin spokesperson position, and you will get your chance tonight too.  Everyone wants the job but which one of these zany characters will be nicked at night?

I Loved Lucy

Ricky has been on a special cruise, singing his heart out and passing around his Cuban cigar. Something is very different about Ricky since his return and Lucy can’t quite put her finger on it. Ethel knows but doesn’t want to break Lucy’s heart by blowing Ricky’s cover, and Fred doesn’t want to hear one word about his pal, Ricky, possibly being a little light in his Cuban loafers. Ricky is about to leave town to start rehearsals for a new show and, of course, Lucy wants in – or is Ricky coming out?

Three’s Company … Four’s a Party!

Auditions are being held for the upcoming movie “Four’s Company”, based on the hit 1980’s TV series, “Three’s Company”. The director, Kathy Berates, is looking to cast the 4 main characters in the movie: Jack, Janet, Chrissy and Mrs. Doper. In addition, she is searching for others to play minor roles and background actors. This could be YOUR chance to become a star! Tensions are running high, however, as time and money are running out…who knows what may happen before the movie is even made! Will someone end up auditioning for murder? (This scenario can be a spoof of any favorite TV Show)

Desperate Mobwives

The new book, Mob Princess, is almost ready for publication and this trashy tell-all is being touted to be a huge bestseller. You are invited to this fabulous event to celebrate the book’s success, so come party with the “ladies”, and watch the cannoli fly as Big Ang Ravioli arrives to make what’s wrong right. The higher the heels the closer to God, but who will be left standing after the ladies find out what’s about to revealed in the book?

Six and the City

The “girls” are back in action and Carrie Broadjaw has written a tell-all book about her trials and tribulations of living single again in the big, bad apple, with her best girlfriends.  Someone doesn’t want all those juicy secrets revealed, or a third film made about where they are today. Is it Miranda Sobbs?  What is this lawyer, who has never won a case, hiding in her briefs?  What about professional volunteer, Charlotte Dork?  No one is, or should be, that perky!  Samantha Moans is still sizzling, but she’s made her bed and now she has to lie in it…and his, and his, and his. Look out, because bitter book agent, Paige Peddler, will stop at nothing to make sure the book’s a bestseller.

The Souprano’s Last Anniversary

The Soupranos become moon struck in this laugh-out-loud, “diss”-functional family farce.  Pony and Hormella Souprano invite you to the party of the season to celebrate their anniversary.  Become part of the famiglia as a guest at the party, and find out who the real bosses are – the men or their mama’s?  Pony tries to keep the peace between the rival crime families but instead, watch the ziti fly, and see who survives.

The Soupranos – Part 2!
Watch the Ziti Fly!

Pony and Hormella Souprano have patched things up and Hormella has accepted that Pony had a daughter with another woman…or has she? All hell breaks loose when a “stranger” shows up at Mama Souprano’s 75th surprise birthday party and leaves in a body bag. Become a guest at the party and help solve the crime.

The Real Housewives of…

These hot housewives are not only bed-hopping, but town-hopping right to your neighborhood.  This versatile scenario can make these “ladies” come from your hometown, and they’ll bring all their sass, personal fashion sense, and drama with them.  TV executive, Andy Bravo, is in the house, and trying to bring several of the housewives together for a special show. The ladies don’t think there’s anything special about it, and pull out all the stops to make sure they come out on top.

Tiger Queen

You heard everyone talking about it, then became obsessed with it on Netflix – TIGER KING! Could this actually be for real? As jaws dropped, Keith Dougherty from MURDER MYSTERY MANHATTAN put pen to paper and would like to announce the Long Island premiere of his spoof, TIGER QUEEN – Murder, Mayhem and Madness! – an interactive murder mystery dinner. Come see what all the hijinks are about, meet the crazy characters, and maybe YOU can become Joe Xotic’s next husband or be fed to a tiger by Carol B!

Downtown Abbey

The Crawley’s are back and in rare form. Sisters, Mary and Edith are still at each other’s throats but what are they really fighting over? Will old Dowager Violet put an end to the family feud or start a new one of her own? What is Mrs. Patmore doing out of the kitchen and what’s the secret she’s about to reveal that will blow the roof off the abbey? 

Family Feud-in’!

You become part of the game, one of the family, and a detective! The competition is on in this laugh-out-loud spoof of gameshows where dysfunctional families and the host with the most, do whatever it takes to sty in the game, and stay alive!

The Baddams Family

Gomez and Morticia have gathered the family, both dead and alive, for their vow renewal ceremony. Why is Gomez in such a hurry to get married before midnight? Who is lurking to put out Uncle Fester’s lightbulb and who is that stranger arriving on a broomstick? A witch? An Aunt? Cousin It? You’re invited to the ceremony so come and don’t miss a moment!

Killing the Kartrashians

Kim Kartrashian is in town with her sisters for a big fashion show to promote the opening of their new clothing store in your town. Mouthy momager, Kris Gender, continues to try and run the show, but ex-husband/wife, Caitlyn Gender, is not taking it anymore. They all want it their way and will do whatever it takes to get it. There will be an empty seat on the private plane home. Which one of these fashionistas will be going home in a box in cargo?  


If you were, or are, a DYNASTY fan, don’t miss this parody of the iconic TV show. Come party with Alexis, Crystal, Blake, Steven and Fallon – like you’ve never seen them before! One of them dies and the fight for inheritance begins! Speaking of fights, In addition to helping solve the murder, we might need your help to pull Alexis and Crystal apart.